Connected Aging Field Update

We’re living longer. Joseph Coughlin — Director of the MIT AgeLab—predicts that by 2030, we will live more of our adult life over the age of 50 than before. What does this mean for how we live? How do we design systems and experiences that allow us to continue to learn, grow and thrive in this period of our lives? Traveling to California, New England, and North Carolina, the BIF Experience Design team met with elders living a connected life. Whether conducting in-depth home interviews, shadowing elders in their activities or building visualizations of their social support systems, we’re learning first hand from people who are redefining the aging experience.

In the last two months, men and women over 65 have shared their stories about taking brave and exciting steps towards "what's next" in their lives. We've talked to people exploring new aspects of their own backyards and those who have picked up stakes and moved clear across the country. We've worked alongside a tight group of women installing new roofs for those in need. We've heard about barter exchange practices that lead to a richer professional and personal life. We’ve seen the cutting edge of a new aging in place movement building a vibrant shared housing model. Stay tuned for further updates as the team moves into insight synthesis and opportunity development.

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