Eli MacLaren

Introducing Students Design For Education

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Education and Youth In Action to launch Students Design For Education (SD4E) – a groundbreaking project that will guide 24 Rhode Island students through the design-process to create a brand new school. Once the process is completed, students will reveal one outstanding and transformational school model for implementation that RIDE Commissioner Deborah Gist fully intends to see operational in the state within 24-months of completion of the project! 

Spread the Love

With the help of students from Youth In Action we've created a kick-butt video to promote SD4E and describe why we think it's just the kind of jolt education needs to transform itself. Have a look and if it inspires you the way it inspires us, please share it with your friends and colleagues

Want to be part of the action?

We want 24 students to know that their voice mattered and that it gave rise to real transformation - here in Rhode Island and across the nation. We are recruiting a small group of change-seeking investors to help take this spark of a concept and make SD4E into a real live model. If you would like to be part of this first-in-the-nation initiative, contact BIF's chief market maker Eli Stefanski for all the details. 

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