Student Design for School Toolkit

Looking for ways to incorporate students in the the redesign of your school?  At the BIF Student Experience Lab, we know the value of empowering students as designers.  We are committed to putting students at the center of their learning by giving them the tools and support they need to bring innovative change to their school.  Last year we collaborated with partners across Rhode Island to take students through a design process in order to create the nation’s first student designed school.  This work resulted in the opening of two new schools!  


Although not all students have the opportunity to create a brand new school, we believe that students can play a role in redesigning their schools.  We created a toolkit for educators to use with their students in order to introduce them to the design process, and take them through phases of designing a better school.  With this activity, you can get students thinking critically about the education system, and what they need to learn and grow.  It will give your students a voice in the education conversation, as well as provide them with learning and life skills.  


See "Related Documents" at the bottom of this blog to download the toolkit.


We hope you will use this resource to help empower students as designers!  If you’re interested in using the activities, or decide to jump right into it, we’d love to hear from you!  Follow us on Twitter, or email us!




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