Carl Størmer

Learning From Art, Jazz, And Language: How To Innovate When You Are Out Of Control

Q&A With Carl Størmer

What attracted you to the BIF Summit?

I gave a talk at BIF in 2013 and it was an overwhelming experience — a really warm and inclusive audience, lots of exciting talks, and super friendly and professional staff. I also enjoyed meeting the other speakers and I established some new friendships. I look very much forward to coming back to BIF!

Tell us a just a bit about the subject of your BIF Summit story.

I will talk about growing up with my mother. When my mother became pregnant at age 19, she was kicked out of the art school she was attending. I will talk about my mother´s art and how she developed her own innovation process while teaching herself to create art. I will specifically look at her innovation method, and talk about innovation and creativity. When is a piece of art finished? Why was she not appreciated by her contemporaries? How do we balance exploration and exploitation, and what business was she in — the business of learning or the business of creating art? I will draw parallels from her method to my work as an entrepreneur and consultant. And, I will of course show her art.

PS: I have not started working on this talk yet.

What, to you, is the value of sharing stories?

A story is the best way to make information come alive. Stories create excitement, ease learning, and make it easier to connect to other people.

Do you have a motto, or “words to live by”? If so, what is it?

I (chose to) consider myself lucky.

What one thing (or more, if you like) would you like Summit attendees to know about you before they hear your story?

On a practical note, I am looking for someone to help me build my mother´s legacy outside Norway, and I am actively looking for a leading gallery to represent her.

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